Fine Art Reproductions

Photo Media Décor is the printer professionals need to reproduce their craft in a high quality, custom, and profitable way. Photographers, illustrators, painters, sketchers—whatever art is your craft, we are your source for printing your artwork as it was created.


Get fine art paper or photo paper giclée prints of your work with our Epson nine-colour pigment printer that will print up to 64” in one direction. We print and trim to custom sizes at no added cost.


We also have the capability to print on rigid substrates with our flatbed printer. Many artists prefer to sell prints that are ready-to-hang, skip the expense of framing, and add a to their brand by printing on unique materials such as wood, brushed aluminum, and plexiglass. We offer hard proofing services for a nominal fee for all of our printing so that artists can make sure they are getting exactly what they want before committing to a full piece.


For those with artwork that is not in digital form, we have high resolution scanning and/or professional photography and editing in order to prepare your work for print. Other graphic design services are also available and can be quoted on a per-job basis.

Art Exhibits

More than just a print shop, Photo Media Décor goes the distance to assist with art shows and exhibits. We stretch canvas, mount photos, and offer unique hardware for displaying artwork in studios, pop-up markets, and more.


We also offer shipping and shipping for professionals who are attending long-distance art shows or need their work shipped to paying customers. Just let us know what you need and we can get it done!

Custom Solutions

Our clients are the types that think outside the box, which is why we are happy to offer our services for custom solutions. Whether it’s a project using multiple materials, adding depth with bent substrates, unique cut-outs, or tricky installation location, we are the dream team who will do our best to make it happen.


With our CNC machine, workshop, years of experience, and a force of graphic designers and creative thinkers, we have the tools and minds to bring your dreams into reality. Request a concept meeting with our accounts manager to see what we can offer!