We Are Photo Media Decor

Expanding from Lumichrom’s roots in visual marketing, PMD has developed a series of totally unique décor, fine art and display applications for the creative professional.  Each printed medium gives you a completely unique texture and feel that reflects changing trends in design, function and recyclability.

Paul Zago

Paul is the founder of PMD and has been in the print industry for over 30 years. He got started in photography and is the expert that experts want to talk to about all things from concept creation to print details. He can often be found chatting politics, current events, or telling stories from his many years in business.

Ryan Sibley

Ryan, tsar of all things print and student of life’s abstract concepts. When he’s not at his desk coming up with solutions for clients, it’s a game of probability and chance to guess where he is: troubleshooting tech issues, making a coffee, managing production, tackling special projects, or sticking tricks with the guys at the skate park on his lunch break. His day starts off right when people chat with him about baseball or an article that they read on subatomic particles.

Virginia Tremaine

Virginia would love to spend her days listening, learning, and sharing life’s cooler things with people. When she’s not processing orders, coordinating production, or shipping orders, she can be found—tea in hand—chatting with a client or co-worker about weekends, art shows, and experiences. Off the clock, she’s eating lunch with a National Geographic in hand, attending public lectures at the Perimeter Institute after work, or discussing the latest with her baseball team or her twin sister.

Patrick Bodnar

Patrick is the number one fan of the finer things in life: arts, culture, and food. Everyone has something in common with Patrick, so when he’s not whipping up beautiful design work or carefully attending his roll printers, you can find him lending a hand in the shop chatting about the best ever concerts, the food you need to try, or the weirdest human behaviours.

Ean Kools

Ean, the man of many hats and talents. Whether he’s doing installations, helping out in the finishing or printing departments, or researching a solution for a custom job, Ean has the solution for every problem and a hat for every occasion. Working quickly, quietly and with no praise required, he is the quintessential enigmatic artist

Kalyn Murray

Kalyn wants everyone to be happy and have fun. When he’s not meticulously prepping files, doing design work, or printing on the flatbed, he can be found helping out in other departments with a cup-a-soup in hand and halfway through an animated story.

Anatoliy Struk

Anatoliy; the house mage. A man does not question the wise and focused veteran of fifteen years. Anatoliy spends his day putting the finishing touches on every order: adding grommets to banners, mounting posters to boards, trimming prints, installing graphics into banner stands, laminating floor graphics, and far, far more. Little is known about him, but this we can confirm: he likes things organized, he has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, and he has the same power lunch every day.